Welcome to 14.(Jabo)/JG5

Welcome to the home of the virtual 14.(Jabo)/JG5, a group of combat flight sim enthusiasts from North America that fly the IL2 Sturmovik:1946 and IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover flight simulators by the 1C Company. We prefer to fly German aircraft during our combat scenarios; however, our ranks are filled with some of the most skilled pilots in IL-2. We can and do fly any plane against any objective, in all theaters. In fighters, strikers, and bombers, "The Fists" get the job done no matter the obstacles.

Our main venue for simulated aerial combat is the online campaign war: Ghost Skies. 'GS' is an immersive online series of tactical campaigns in a 'Full Switch' environment which uses the 4.10.1m update, plus the UltraPack 3.0 RC4 mod, played via Hyperlobby. Missions are flown every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday beginning at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30pm Pacific) and run for 90 minutes. The server difficulty settings are full real except for speedbar. These settings, combined with a "dead-is-dead" environment, place a heavy premium on teamwork and planning in order to survive and win missions. 14./JG5 has successfully been built around those principles in order to maximize our potential and enjoyment.

The links at the top will take you to our Roster page which lists each pilot's rank and awards. As well, you can read a brief history of the real 14./JG5. If you have any comments or need to contact us, please use the link above to visit our Forums. Interested in joining 14./JG5? Learn more by visiting our Enlistment page.

Thanks for your interest in 14./JG5.


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14./JG5 was victorious in the Slovenia campaign flying as an Allied unit.

Next we move home back to the Axis team and enter a new realm of challenge flying Japanese hardware at the Solomon Islands.

To learn more, visit www.ghostskies.com.