14./JG5 Awards System

The Purpose

The 14./JG5 awards system is a means to recognize our members for exceptional combat skills and devotion to our squadron's mission accomplishment. This system acknowledges a pilot's dedication to not only his personal tactical proficiency, but his support of teamwork and the squadron?s overall strategic goals.

The System

The majority of awards are based on a pilot's career statistics accumulated during his campaign time supporting our primary competitive venue, Forgotten Skies. Career milestones are recognized through designated awards in the areas of air-to-air kills, air-to-ground kills, total missions flown, and total sorties flown.

The Awards

In addition to awards which are bestowed for reaching a prescribed milestone, there are awards to recognize extraordinary accomplishments both during, and outside of combat. The criteria for each award can be found here.

The Stats

There are four categories tracked for statistical purposes: air kills, ground kills, missions flown, and sorties flown. Statistics will only increase, and will not decrease due to loss of life or activity; however, some statistics can only be earned by surviving the mission in which that statistic was earned. For example, if a pilot takes off and defeats two enemy aircraft, but then is shot down over enemy lines, then those kills are not counted.

Air Kill - Earned by shooting down an enemy aircraft, and successfully surviving that mission.

Ground Kill - Earned by destroying an enemy ground target, and successfully surviving that mission.

Sorties Flown - Accumulated for each time a pilot takes to the air. Survival of the sortie is not necessary.

Missions Flown - Credit for flying a Forgotten Skies mission is accounted by flying a single sortie. This category is used for campaign ribbons.

The Committee

The awards system is managed by the 14./JG5 Awards Officer. The Awards Officer designates members of the Awards Committee with approval from the CO. This group is responsible for tracking all statistics, and recommending the appropriate award level to the Commanding Officer via the Awards Officer.

Pilot Accesion

A new pilot that has previous experience in Forgotten Skies or Ghost Skies campaigns will only be able to transfer flight stats (kills, sorties, and missions) from a current campaign and/or previous campaign if those stats can be viewed and verified by the Awards Officer. The appropriate awards and stats levels will be compiled, logged, and submitted to the Commanding Officer for approval. If no stats can be verified, then that pilot will start his career with 14./JG5 with a clean slate. To maintain the validity of the Awards Program, no personal records, personal stat programs, or "best guesses" will be considered for awards or statistical purposes.