Enlistment in 14.(Jabo)/JG5

Our primary goal is to have fun. We enjoy the camaraderie of flying as a team and by competing fairly and honorably. If you're interested in joining our Staffel, please read our requirements outlined below and then visit our forums to submit an application.


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Requirements for New Recruits

1. Proficient flying German aircraft in full-real servers

14./JG5 is an axis squad with members who enjoy the challenge of flying in full-real servers. This means you must enjoy flying axis aircraft and be proficient in closed-cockpit, no-icon servers. You should have some understanding of navigating without the aid of the minimap plane path, and be able to identify and track enemy contacts without icons.

2. Can regularly commit to squad activities

Flying regularly with the squad in our designated competitive venues is an absolute must. 14./JG5 is a squad that prides itself on maintaining an intimate roster of highly active pilots. As such, we require that all of our members make a committment to being an active participant in squad-related activities.  We do not maintain an "inactive list" of pilots. We also do not allow members of 14./JG5 to be active in other squads (temporary or otherwise).

Currently, our primary activity is flying in the online war server, Ghost Skies. This takes place three times per week: Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays starting at 9:30pm eastern time. You must be able to attend these missions on a regular basis in order to remain active in our squad. We fly other servers as well, such as Spits vs 109, Warclouds, and Skies of Valor, but this is done primarily to keep our skills sharp for more competitive venues.

3. Are at least 21 years of age and exhibits proper conduct at all times

We require all new recruits to be at least 21 years old. All squad members must conduct themselves with proper etiquette while flying online. This means no inappropriate comments in HyperLobby, the in-game chat bar or in any forum where you use your 14./JG5 name. While we value pilots with exceptional skills in the skies, we equally value pilots with exceptional character.

4. Have a PC capable of running IL-2 and Teamspeak

New recruits must have machines capable of running IL2 Sturmovik: 1946, patched to 4.09m, with the Ultra Pack 2.1 mod installed (UP 2.1). As well, all squad members must be able to use TeamSpeak as a means to communicate during combat.

5. Have a passion for flight sims, WW2-era history, avation, video games, ect.

We play IL-2 because the above things are our passion. Many of our members are actual pilots, military men, former military, sons of WW2 veterans, long-time flight simulator enthusiasts, ect. We seek new members who can share these passions with us.

Probationary Period

Once an applicant is accepted into the squad (by squad vote), they begin as Recruits. During this period, new members will be evaluated to ensure that they meet our high standards. The probationary period ends only after the squad votes to grant the new recruit full membership.